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HairLoan® at New England Associates® is the Fastest Way to Get Money to Restore or Replace Lost Hair. Enjoy Moving Forward Now While Making Small Monthly Payments Later!

With a HairLoan® you'll get a reasonable interest rate and personalized service with confidentiality assured.

Most products and procedures available at New England Associates® are quite reasonable in cost. Even micro-surgical follicular unit grafting is priced below our competitors. We can do this because New England Associates® offers all the options, not just one or two (like our competition). However, no matter what the cost, qualified applicants have the choice to utilize a HairLoan® at New England Associates®.

With a HairLoan®, New England Associates® seeks to find the best interest rate available for personal loans and passes the savings directly to you. HairLoan® has a high approval rate so if you've been turned down for credit in the past, don't let that stop you from applying today!

It's simple, it's fast, and it's free! Answer a few questions on an easy one-page form (it's actually closer to 1/3 of one page but we'll call it a page). Within minutes you'll know if you are approved and how small your payments will be. You can even apply over the phone for pre-approval if you wish.

So contact us today to let us know how New England Associates® can help you.

HairLoan®. Putting the problems of hair loss behind you, one small payment at a time. 

Why Utilize a HairLoan® at New England Associates®?

Enjoy the benefits of hair starting NOW and pay for it a little at a time!
Apply for medical and/or non-medical procedures!
Look younger NOW!
Achieve a great rate on a personal loan!
Apply over the phone or in person!
No application fee!
Confidential! Fast! Convenient!

Do You Qualify?

Find out FREE! If you qualify you may arrange small monthly payments to help finance your new hair. Contact us today and we'll arrange your first appointment FREE and we'll send you FREE information by mail.

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New England Associates®

New England Associates® has been helping people look their best since 1982. Utilizing the latest advancements, we're able to repair, replace and restore lost hair. We're Accredited Members of the Better Business Bureau and the American Hair Loss Council and we've been voted "Best in Hair Replacement" five years in a row!

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