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Each person has a unique hair loss pattern and these unique situations require different approaches for replacing hair. Programs tailored to individual needs provide the correct answers to your hair loss problem.

At New England Associates® we'll custom tailor a program to meet the individual needs of your hair loss and hair replacement concerns; programs designed to increase the appearance of density for client's with thin hair, to programs that replace lost hair. 

At New England Associates® we are committed to offering every procedure that addresses your concerns about hair rejuvenation, replacement or restoration.

At New England Associates® the options are many and the choices are yours! Base your decision on the facts and learn about all your options listed here. And remember if you have any questions you can  contact New England Associates® anytime.

woman with doctorHair Transplantation
Real growing hair growing where it once did not! It's true, it's exciting, and it happens all the time by independent physicians who are committed to natural-looking hair. Hair Transplantation is a surgical procedure where thousands of hair-bearing skin grafts may be transplanted in each session (multiple sessions typically are required). But will a hair transplant give you the full head of natural-looking hair you desire? To learn the facts and make an informed decision, arrange a free consultation today.

Hair Replacement
Great-looking hair without the risks of surgery. Non-medical alternatives to hair loss do exist and they help your hair look fuller, thicker and healthier! In fact you can have as much (or as little) hair as you desire. Hair Grafting, InVisiStrand, and Hair Over Time are just a few of the procedures available at New England Associates® that are safe and effective for both men and women. Natural-looking hair that appears to grow directly out of your scalp. The entertainment industry has known for years how to make great-looking hair even better and today New England Associates® offers hair systems, hair programs, and hair replacement that is unsurpassed in quality and technique.  To learn more about improving your hair's appearance with unsurpassed quality,  contact New England Associates® today.

HairStart® Hair Care Programs
New England Associates® offers scientifically proven methods that address your most serious hair concerns. We offer programs that may utilize the benefits of laser light (LLLT) or low-level red light devices (LLLD) with highly effective products designed to combat the problems of most hair concerns. Over 3500 clinical studies have been performed that show laser light to be safe and effective. Although these procedures are Star Wars-like technology, they actually work by allowing your hair follicles to grow their own hair. Both men and women may enjoy the benefits of HairStart® products combined with laser technology for healthier fuller looking hair.

On average hair loss makes a man appear 10 years older than his actual age and most men look healthier and younger when their hair looks full and healthy. And the better a man looks, the better a man feels. So what can a man do when his hair starts to thin? Call New England Associates®. New England Associates®  has available products and services designed to help a man's hair appear healthier, fuller and even longer-looking so he has the opportunity to Look As Good As He Feels!

A woman's hair loss patterns may be different than a man's and New England Associates® has specialized in women's hair replacement for 36 years. Many women benefit from our low-level light devices combined with HairStart® products designed for thinner hair, while others choose surgical or non-medical options. NEA has available an herbal DHT inhibiter, HairStart® Essentials , which contains natural ingredients plus many women enjoy "Bridge Method" hair replacement at New England Associates® as another advanced method to replace lost hair.

Contact New England Associates® today and we'll arrange your first visit FREE or have us send you our FREE "Look As Good As You Feel!™" information kit.

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New England Associates® has been helping people look their best since 1982. Utilizing the latest advancements, we're able to repair, replace and restore lost hair. We're Accredited Members of the Better Business Bureau and the American Hair Loss Council and we've been voted "Best in Hair Replacement" five years in a row!

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