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Imagine the Possibilities with Healthier and Fuller-Looking Hair! It's Possible with New England Associates®

Grow it naturally, surgically restore it, or just have it added. Today you can have the hair you want!

Hair that gets longer over time, thicker over time. Hair you can style the way you want, not the way you have to. Great looking healthy hair!

Hair frames our face and helps to enhance our positive features. The average person appears to be five to ten years older if they lose their hair.

Studies have shown that your personal appearance will positively or negatively affect your career and your hair has a dramatic impact on your personal appearance.

Consider these facts:

An article in Fortune* magazine states "...Recent studies suggest that even the most successful men might be more so were they better buffed...hair replacement is booming."

An article in George* magazine states "The Silent Majority. Twenty percent of Americans believe hair is a political asset...Take a close look at the last forty years and you'll come to one indisputable conclusion: Hair is crucial."

* magazine states in one article on how to attract a mate, that men "...gotta look just right...can you run your fingers through your hair?"

US World and News Report
* is quoted as saying "From the biblical story of Samson to the 1968 musical Hair, hair has always served as a symbol of strength, virility, and creativity in men-and femininity in women."

Executive Health Corner
* magazine states "Millions of men throughout the ages have been disheartened to watch their ebbing hairlines...To them loss of hair equals loss of virility, self confidence and performance."

With HairStart® you can now fight back.

With HairStart® procedures, you don't have to live with the appearance of hair loss anymore. HairStart® can help change the way you look by stopping hair loss and re-growing your hair! Please take a moment to view a few client photos and videos.

Utilize every advantage and call New England Associates® today! We'll arrange your first appointment FREE and help you discover how exciting it can be having a great looking head of hair!

Imagine the possibilities that await you with healthier, fuller looking hair and a more slightly more youthful appearance. Click here or call us toll-free at 1-866-HairStart today and we'll be happy to arrange your first appointment FREE!

Choosing New England Associates® gives you all the options!

HairStart® Laser Hair Therapy
Custom-blended Minoxidil compounds, DHT blockers, FDA-approved products and devices to re-grow hair
Increased confidence and improved appearance
Micro-surgical follicular unit grafting by an independent physician who specializes in hair restoration
Reduce signs of aging
Hair Grafting, V-Grafting and Bridge methods are just a few of the non-medical options available at New England Associates®
Thirty-five years of successfully replacing lost hair and helping people look their best


By contacting New England Associates® now and requesting a hair and scalp microscopic examination you'll be taking a positive step. Wearing hats are only temporary solutions and do not address the issue. Hair is a vital cosmetic feature that should be enhanced not destroyed or covered up. The procedures and services available at New England Associates® are numerous, the choices are yours. We've been helping people look their best since 1982, successfully maintaining, restoring, and/or replacing lost hair.

Advantage #1
Thirty-five years experience of helping people look their best!

Advantage #2

Every procedure to repair, replace, restore, or even grow lost hair is available at New England Associates®. No other facility in the Northeast offers more procedures than New England Associates®.

Advantage #3
HairStart® Laser Hair Therapy has the potential to slow hair loss and re-grow your hair. Our hair lasers utilized at New England Associates® have 135 laser diodes working for you (most clinical lasers contain less than 91 laser diodes, many contain less than 32, and some only have one laser diode. Studies show more lasers = better results!).

Advantage #4
Scientifically proven surgical, medical, and non-medical products and procedures. Our Medical Director utilizes FDA-approved products like Minoxidil, Propecia and laser devices to stop your hair loss and re-grow your hair! And to enhance the results we've added saw palmetto to Minoxidil to increase penetration. In fact we offer Minoxidil that has been improved five ways.

Advantage #5
You can depend on getting an honest recommendation from New England Associates® because we offer all the successful options. We are free to discuss the benefits of each method because we offer each method which is something a doctors office, clinic, or non-medical only facility may not do because it may be a conflict of their interests to recommend procedures they do not offer. At New England Associates® we offer all the options because not everyone's hair loss is the same.

Advantage #6
We utilize physician-directed programs to slow hair loss and grow your hair.

Please take a few moments to click here or call us toll-free at 1-866-HairStart today and we'll be happy to arrange your first appointment, or have us rush our "Look As Good As You Feel!" information kit to you, absolutely free and with no obligation.

*Fortune magazine, George magazine, GQ magazine, US World and News Report magazine, and Executive Health Corner magazine are not affiliated with New England Associates® and do not necessarily sponsor or endorse any of our products or services.
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New England Associates®

New England Associates® has been helping people look their best since 1982. Utilizing the latest advancements, we're able to repair, replace and restore lost hair. We're Accredited Members of the Better Business Bureau and the American Hair Loss Council and we've been voted "Best in Hair Replacement" five years in a row!

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