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Are you starting to notice signs of possible hair loss? What do you do now?

We realize it can be confusing because there are several options to hair loss today that are scientifically proven to work. Some are surgical in nature, some are medical, while others are neither. ONLY New England Associates® offers every successful method to stop hair loss and re-grow, restore, and replace lost hair.

The professionals at New England Associates® are here to help. We've specialized in hair replacement for 35 years and we have all of the procedures available to save hair and replace lost hair. We've helped thousands of people restore hair. The fact is New England Associates® is the ONLY facility in the Northeast that offers every successful method to stop hair loss and repair, replace, restore, or grow lost hair.

New England Associates® offers unbiased information about what is best for your needs because we offer all the options that are successful.

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HairStart® Laser Hair Therapy utilizes FDA-approved products and devices to stop hair loss and re-grow hair. It's a safe, non-evasive, and effective treatment program that increases hair by 93%*.

And that's not all!

Micro-surgical follicular unit transplanting is the advanced new way to transplant growing hair. The Surgical Director's technique enables him/her and their team to transplant thousands of follicular units in a few hours while you relax in a comfortable environment.

Plus there is Hair Grafting, Hair Over Time and many other non-surgical alternatives that can easily and safely replace lost hair.

All methods are geared toward each client's individual needs and desires. We'll start with a FREE private hair and scalp examination which will help our professionals determine which process is the right one for you. The examination will include digital and microscopic computer photography of your hair and scalp along with a completed health history form.

*International Journal of Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Dermatology

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New England Associates®

New England Associates® has been helping people look their best since 1982. Utilizing the latest advancements, we're able to repair, replace and restore lost hair. We're Accredited Members of the Better Business Bureau and the American Hair Loss Council and we've been voted "Best in Hair Replacement" five years in a row!

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